Nova Big Screen Karate Champ Double Stick Setup - 2004

With the Double Stick Setup it´s possible to play Games who needs 2 Controller for playing like Climber and Karate Champ.

Selfmade Astro City Cab - 2005

The Project with the Selfmade Astro City Cab began in August and was completed in November 2005.

Controller Hacks - 2007

Controller Hacks for PS1/PS2 and XBox to use at Mame Projekts.

SEGA Astro City Controllpanel - 2007

New Spare Parts and Cleaning action for my SEGA Astro City Cab.

Multi Controller Hack for The SEGA Astro City Cab - 2008

This Controller Hack was made for a Mame Project at the SEGA Astro City Cab. The Hack includes 2 Dreamcast, 2 PS1/PS2 and 2 XBox Contoller wired to a Jammaconnector and mounted to a Woodenboard. The Hack includes also a Sound Amplifier ( small black box ) and a Video Booster ( small yellow board ).

Selfmade Cab with Rotation Screen and Taito Vewlix Controllpanel - 2009 -> 2011

The Project with the Selfmade Cab began in June 2009 and was completed in April 2011. The first idea was to build a copy of an Taito Vewlix Cab without any option of an Tate mode.

The design I chose I'm very happy. The Cab includes a easy and very fast rotation mechanism for play Games at the Tate Mode.

For information about the rotation mechanism look the Clips at the VIDEOS area.

In the Cab works a XBox, XBox360, PS3 and a Dreamcast with Controller Hacks.

Atomiswave Cleaning Action and 2 Player Conversion - 2013 -> 2014

I bite the Atomiswave Cab in November 2013 at

Since the cab was in a Japanese game room smelled strongly of nicotine, so it was thoroughly cleaned by me.
The interior was very dirty and was of course cleaned. In February 2014 I was able to converse the 2 player  after a pause.
From I got a brute of a 2 player panel which I then covered with a sheet.
This I had  made into a print shop. The template to print the slides there is not so original.
You can download the file at

Coming soon